Guest Post by Josh Earl

By the numbers

When I was starting out, the numbers shared by Jarrod, Nathan and Pat helped motivate me, so in the spirit of paying it forward, let’s take a look at my sales and the growth of my audience.


Here’s how my month-to-month earnings have stacked up:


These sales numbers didn’t just happen naturally — they’re the direct result of growth in my audience.

Web traffic

Shortly before my launch, I set up a Sublime-focused blog and started posting tips and how-to articles.

Mailing list

I didn’t start a mailing list until early in 2013, but once I saw how effective email is, I shifted all of my promotional efforts to growing my list.

Lessons learned

This last year has been a marketing crash course, and while I’ve had some bumps and bruises, I’ve also learned some valuable lessons about selling on the Internet.

Ship already.

I launched my book before I was ready. Way, way before.

Price by value, not competition.

Everyone knows that $9.99 is the “best” price for an ebook, so I took some flak early on for setting the minimum price for my book at $19.

Email is king.

It’s hard to overstate the importance and effectiveness of email as a tool for selling a product.

Build a funnel.

If Twitter followers don’t convert well into customers, why do I still devote a lot of my marketing time and energy to Twitter?

Bundles work.

Bundling several related products together and offering them at a discount is a great way to increase sales — it’s hard to resist a good deal.

Good things happen when you have something for sale.

Earlier in the year, I got discouraged when my sales flatlined. Nothing I did seemed to move the needle.

Start small.

My biggest mistake with this book was overreaching. I set out to write the definitive book on Sublime Text, but I’ve since learned what a tall order that actually is. Sublime adds new features with each beta release, and dozens of new plugins come out every week.

About Josh Earl

Josh Earl is an author and software developer from western Pennsylvania. He blogs about writing and marketing at



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