Introducing the Write tab

  1. If you’re on a shared computer and can’t use Dropbox and local files, etc.
  2. If you just want to make a really quick fix or change to your book, and you’re already in your browser.
  3. If you’re on your tablet or phone.
  4. If you want to show a friend how great Leanpub is, and wish you could get from the create account to book preview exists status in 3 minutes, instead of spending the time signing them up for Dropbox, accepting share requests, etc.
  1. You can load up the page and see a list of the files in your book.
  2. You can edit the files and then save them.
  3. Saving the files syncs the changes to Dropbox and does a git commit internally in Leanpub
  4. You can edit the files in your sample (by using checkboxes to choose what is in the sample).
  5. You can reorder files (but see point 1 below).
  6. You can create and delete files.
  7. You can start a preview.
  8. You can download your PDF, EPUB and MOBI files from the Write tab.
  1. There is no notion of “this file has changed and you are going to lose stuff if you move away from it”.
  2. The display of the preview progress bar is a little flaky.
  3. You can drag and drop to reorder files, but there’s no indication that this is possible.
  4. There is no image tab.
  5. There is no Markdown help tab.
  1. a nice distraction-free Markdown editing environment
  2. a WYSIWYG editor that degrades gracefully



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