Guest Post: On Self Publishing with Leanpub, By John Koster

Staying Motivated and Cultivating Ideas

One of the most common questions people have asked me over the years is, “Where do you find the time?!” Even though I have answered this question many times, I have never stopped to think about it in great depth.

Leanpub, Statamic, and My Writing Process

Ever since early 2013, every time I have decided to work on an extensive writing project, I have always chosen to use Leanpub. I do this because I love that I can write a manuscript in Markdown and am not vendor-locked into proprietary text formats. Furthermore, I bring the content to them, meaning I can store it wherever I want, whether on another service like Dropbox or by integrating source control systems like git. No proprietary formats and I control the content.

Final Thoughts

To round out this article, I just wanted to say that if you have been contemplating working on a larger writing project but have been putting it off, you should try it. I know these types of projects can feel intimidating and scary, but no progress is made by standing at the base of a wall staring up. Pick a spot and start climbing.



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