Fullbleed Images and the Height Attribute Now Work in Markua mode on Leanpub

Fullbleed images and the height attribute now work on Leanpub! (This works with Dropbox, GitHub or Bitbucket sync modes, as long as your book is in Markua mode.)

Here are some examples of fullbleed images:

With a caption:

{fullbleed: true}
![The BAKE cheese tarts in JR Shinjuku station, in all their

Without a caption:

{fullbleed: true}

You can only have one photo per page with fullbleed — that is the entire point, after all: the page is just the photo, with no margins. But I (Peter) decided many people (myself included) would want a fancy caption, so I added support for that. (Your caption must fit on one line. Be terse.) And there’s no “just make this fullbleed on the top 40% of the page please” type of feature. Maybe someday.

But just with fullbleed, you can do some really fun layouts. I’m including a few examples (yes, too many selfies, I was counting stations!) from the travel book I’m writing (from the use above), so you see what it looks like in the PDF.

In terms of EPUB and MOBI, basically the fullbleed attribute is currently ignored. However, your photos will look just fine. We have an idea and a rough for something a bit smarter, but I’m not sure when it will be done or if it will work.

Anyway, If you have photos in your book, the fullbleed support can really help them. However, it’s also good if you want to, say, stack two screenshots vertically, or have a very large screenshot or diagram…

Note that this is Markua-only. You can set your manuscript format here:

Finally, a content note: Leanpub is a publishing startup focused on in-progress publishing. Most of our books are computer programming books, but I think that travel guidebooks are one of the ideal uses for our platform: since they can be easily updated, publishing a new version with one click, an author can keep them current a lot more easily than with other approaches. So, I’m putting my spare time where my opinion is, and writing a travel guidebook myself, in the hope that it inspires a bunch more self-published travel guidebooks on Leanpub.

(I also think that writing serial fiction is a great use of Leanpub, but I’m not using Leanpub to write a novel — yet!)

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