Brief Google Analytics Update

by Len Epp

published Sep 08, 2015

Here’s some up-to-date info about using Google Analytics with Leanpub. For an awesome post explaining how to use Google Analytics, check out this post by Leanpub author Visnja Zeljeznjak.

Page Views

A page view is sent to Google Analytics from Leanpub when a user lands on:

  1. Book landing page (/books/:slug)
  2. Bundle landing page (/bundles/:slug)
  3. Checkout complete page (/cart_purchase/:uuid/thankyou) [UPDATE 2018/09/11: A Leanpub author has suggested this worked for him: (/cart_purchases\:uuid/download)]

Just to be clear, ‘slug’ is your book’s or your bundle’s slug, so for the book, the slug is ‘lean’.


Events in Google Analytics are broken up into 3 pieces: Category, Action, and Label (optional).

The events we send are as follows, using the category ‘ShoppingCart’, the actions ‘Added’, Removed’, and ‘MovedFromWishList’:

  1. ‘ShoppingCart’, ‘Added’, slug
  2. ‘ShoppingCart’, ‘Removed’, slug
  3. ‘ShoppingCart’, ‘MovedFromWishList’, slug

– Posted by Len Epp

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