A Halloween-Themed Essay in Support of the 2019 International Day Against DRM #IDAD #DayAgainstDRM

The following essay was written by Leanpub co-founder Len Epp and reflects his personal views.

To fight DRM, we need to understand the mindset that drives people to propose, promote, build, and maintain systems that they would reject in any other form of technology.

I know it might seem strange to attribute real causal value to something as seemingly ineffable as a “mindset”. When it comes to high-level political and social analysis, these days we typically prioritize appeals to things like universal economic motivations, or the results of social science studies, and various presumptively natural or universal forces.

But ultimately…

In 2012, we began publishing a podcast, now called Frontmatter, featuring heavily researched, in-depth interviews with Leanpub authors about their lives and careers, their professional interests, the subjects of their books, and their experiences as self-published authors.

While Leanpub is best known as a platform authors use to write and publish books on science and technology, our authors actually cover a very wide range of issues in their books, from Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby, and his 2014 series of books on starting businesses in Asia, to Sarah K. …

(Originally published Aug 28, 2014. Imported into our Medium blog on June 24, 2019, by copying and pasting from the Wayback Machine. So, the links are to the Wayback Machine as well! Also, note that our royalty rate is now 80%, not 90% minus 50 cents as it was way back then...)

by Peter Armstrong, Leanpub Cofounder

Today Jurgen Appelo wrote a very well-written post entitled “Why I Don’t Use Leanpub”.

Go read it now. Seriously.

Now that you’re back, you’ll know that Jurgen essentially makes the following arguments:

  1. No self-publishing experts suggest Leanpub.
  2. Leanpub is not a professional authoring…

[This is a guest post by Leanpub author Mark Graban. Thank you Mark! We love getting informative posts from members of our community. If you’re a Leanpub author and you would like to share your experience using Leanpub to do something, please reach out to us at hello@leanpub.com — eds.]

Somebody made a request of the team at Leanpub:

“It would be great if someone could set out a step-by-step process for getting a Leanpub book into print, as I have no idea where to start.”

Since I have published many paperback versions of books that I created through Leanpub…

Every year Leanpub supports the International Day Against DRM, because we are against DRM. This year, the #IDAD is on Tuesday, September 18.

We encourage everyone who shares our view that DRM is a bad thing to spread the word and show support for this cause.

Here are some generous discounts being offered by Leanpub authors in support of the 2018 IDAD:

Title: Everyday Rails Testing with Rspec
Author: Aaron Sumner
Coupon: http://leanpub.com/everydayrailsrspec/c/IDAD-2018
Price: $10.00
Discount: 47%

Title: The Majesty of Vue.js 2
Authors: Alex Kyriakidis, Kostas Maniatis, and Evan You
Coupon: https://leanpub.com/vuejs2/c/IDAD-2018
Price: $12.50
Discount: 50%

Title: Kotlin for…

Fullbleed images and the height attribute now work on Leanpub! (This works with Dropbox, GitHub or Bitbucket sync modes, as long as your book is in Markua mode.)

Here are some examples of fullbleed images:

With a caption:

{fullbleed: true}
![The BAKE cheese tarts in JR Shinjuku station, in all their

Without a caption:

{fullbleed: true}

Discoverability is one of the most important aspects of self-publishing. Book marketing is an ever-evolving and competitive space, so the best thing to do to improve your skills in this area is to follow professional industry professionals, expert bloggers, and websites devoted to the issue, to keep up with the ever-changing self-publishing landscape.

(If you’re looking for advice specific to how you can use Leanpub to improve your book’s discoverability, please go here.)

Here are some recommended experts, bloggers, and websites, in first name alphabetical order:

Carla King


Carla’s Self-Pub Boot Camp is an excelling resource for learning how to be…

If you are a Leanpub reader and you have not opted in to receiving emails from Leanpub when a book is published, you won’t be getting these emails anymore unless we can prove to ourselves you’re not in the EU.

Until June 18, 2018, we have turned off the feature that lets authors email readers of a book when they publish a new version.

We did this because in the past, these emails were opt-out, not opt-in. We chose an opt-out process because we were trying to do the right thing for readers: most of them will want to get…

Marie Force is a New York Times bestselling author of romance fiction whose books have sold over seven million copies worldwide. In this interview, Marie talks about her interesting journey to life as a successful author, building a business around successful indie publishing, and about the Indie Author Support Network initiative, an organization devoted to advocating for the rights and interests of indie authors.

This interview was recorded on May 17, 2018.

The full audio for the interview is here. You can subscribe to the Backmatter podcast in iTunes or add the podcast URL directly.

This interview has been edited…

Gregor Hohpe is the author of the Leanpub book 37 Things One Architect Knows About IT Transformation: A Chief Architect’s Journey. In this interview, Leanpub co-founder Len Epp talks with Gregor about his background, his education in Germany, his time at Stanford, the impact of our current political moment on the tech sector, what it’s like working at Google, why insurance is interesting, his book, and at the end, they talk a little bit about his experience as a self-published author.

This interview was recorded on February 12, 2018.

The full audio for the interview is here. You can subscribe…


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