A Halloween-Themed Essay in Support of the 2019 International Day Against DRM #IDAD #DayAgainstDRM

The following essay was written by Leanpub co-founder Len Epp and reflects his personal views.

To fight DRM, we need to understand the mindset that drives people to propose, promote, build, and maintain systems that they would reject in any other form of technology.

I know it might seem strange to attribute real causal value to something as seemingly ineffable as a “mindset”. When it comes to high-level political and social analysis, these days we typically prioritize appeals to things like universal economic motivations, or the results of social science studies, and various presumptively natural or universal forces.

But ultimately, policy creation, and especially its enforcement, is made of people, and in addition to these more conventional ways of understanding our world, appealing to the common sense, everyday way we all think about how other people think, is a necessary condition for persuading them to change their minds. …



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